What I did Wednesday

29 Aug

Good evening everyone! I’m posting late tonight and for the first time from my WordPress iPhone app!!


Hopefully this app will make it easier for me to post more often!

Anyways I’m lying in bed and I thought I would share my day today.

First of all I have a couple awesome things to show you.

1. Is anyone else a fan of Beyond the Rack or other sites like that? If so you’ve got to check out My Habit First of all, great name. It’s probably going to be very true for many people including myself! Basically it is a membership shopping site, don’t worry the membership is free! Every day there are different brands on special and the prices are amazing! Check it out.

2. I know I’m a little behind on the times but I am OBSESSED with these donuts now I just need a donut pan…hint hint…

3. I think I just bought a new car today. I might just pick it up on Sunday. I may or may not post a picture about it.

4. Currently


Okay well bedtime for me. Sweet dreams everyone!

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