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10 Jul

Good Morning Everyone! I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

My weekend was pretty great, I must admit.  On Thursday, my lovely friend Lani asked me if I wanted to go with her to SPF 2012 because she had an extra ticket. Basically it was a 3 day long event at Playland in Vancouver and there were 7 different bands playing each day. We had tickets for Saturday and the performances that day were Danny Fernandez, Gym Class Heroes and OneRepublic, plus some other smaller bands and singers.

Here we are hanging out before the concert began:

We finally got some nice weather her in Vancouver so we got to enjoy the sunshine while we were out and about all day long. The other great thing about this event was that we got access to all the rides at Playland as well!

Here’s Lani posing on the swings:

We went on all of the rides except the dizzy ones, cause lets face it, feeling like you’re gonna barf for 3.5 minutes is just not fun. Luckily we’re both on the same page about that. Some people are freaky weirdos that actually LIKE that.

Instead we started out on the old wooden roller coaster, as far as I know it is one of the last real wooden roller coasters in North America. I’m fairly sure the scariest thing about the ride is that it actually seems like it could fall apart at any second. The whole time the thing is creaking and squeaking, seriously terrifying.

OH AND I forgot to mention that Lani said “Oh we HAVE to sit in the back cart because it’s “SO much scarier that way.” UM YES, it was a lot scarier because we actually got launched out of our seats every time we would go down a hill! This wooden roller coaster doesn’t have actual seats or anything to hold you in other than a metal bar that was siting about a foot above the tops of our laps, so yeaahhh that wasn’t doing much to keep us in the death cart. I was actually scared for my life which was shown in those horrible photos they take of you at the scariest part of the ride.

I forbade Lani  from buying one of those.

Oh and she actually wanted to go on it again later in the day! I was like are you crazy woman?

We went on lots of other rides though, like the swings pictured above, those are always a fair staple ride. We also went on the corkscrew roller coaster which was nowhere near as scary as the wooden roller coaster and it freaking flipped us upside down, twice! And we went on the pirate ship ride which also scares the crap out of me, and then like giant losers we rode the carousel:

All in all the rides were super fun and the concerts were awesome. I came home sunburnt, dehydrated and exhausted, which is really all you can ask for after an all day long outdoor concert!

I woke up on Sunday morning to this:

F1 has been happening around our house a lot lately. To be honest, F1 is my favorite sport to watch next to hockey. And unless you are a very close friend, you wouldn’t know that I am kind of a car nerd. I tried to fight it for a really long time, but after dating a guy for almost 10 years, that is obsessed with anything on wheels (that’s an understatement actually) and then falling ass backwards into a position at a Volkswagen Parts company, I had to give in to the inevitable. Now I just nerd out with the boys and PVR every episode of Top Gear (the UK one of course, not into the American one.)

Anyways, this ended up being quite the post. I had more to say than I thought!

I hope everyone has a great evening, it just happens to be my birthday today! Mr. Delish and I have dinner reservations tonight and we’ll just have a tame evening tonight and then this weekend is party time :)

Make sure you check back this week because I have some awesome recipes coming up for you!


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