Vegas Vacation

13 May

“Holy crap, Wayne Newton’s hitting on Mom!”

Name that movie.

Yes, as I mentioned the other day, I’m heading to Las Vegas this week for my Mom’s 50th Birthday. My Mom and her high school friends always wanted to go on a trip together and my Mom has never been to Vegas so about a year ago I started planning the trip.

What better way to spend your 50th Birthday, right?

I am really excited to be able to go as well. Mr. Delish and I have wanted to go to Vegas for a long time, but we really aren’t gamblers so we kind of put it on the back burner. Now that the trip is planned, I am really excited to go down there and have the whole Vegas experience.

That’s right folks, we’ve never been to Las Vegas.

We decided to stay at Treasure Island, mostly just because of it’s central location. It’s close to the big fun mall, as well as some of the other main Casinos like Mirage and Caesar’s Palace.

We don’t have a whole lot planned but we did plan one dinner with everyone, and we took a recommendation from a friend of ours to try Roy’s Hawaiian. We chose Roy’s because it isn’t too fancy and the food sounds really fun and different. Everyone loves seafood as well so it’s perfect.


Then some of the ladies are going to one of the Shania Twain concerts over at Caesar’s Palace.


And Mr. Delish and I are going to go party at one of the Rehab Pool Parties at the Hard Rock Hotel.


Some things I am really excited for:

  • Sun
  • Exploring
  • Dining out
  • Hanging out with good company
  • Shopping
  • Blender drinks
  • Drinks in general

I will be back next week with photos and highlights, but first, I want your advice:

Miss Delish asks:

Have you been to Vegas before? Tell me all about it!

What are some of the Vegas must do’s? Activities, shopping, restaurants, sightseeing ect?

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