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Crispy Sticky Asian Chicken {step by step}

10 May

Good Morning lovelies!

A big “Happy Friday” goes out to you all! And a very Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mama’s out there

What do you have planned for the weekend!? I hope all the Mommies out there are being pampered and get to relax for once.

I am going to be making dinner for my Mama and the family and the rest of the time I think I will just relax and enjoy some time with my Mom. She has asked for a roast beef dinner with all the fixings because she doesn’t like making that herself. Ha! Well fair enough, its her one day to choose and I am happy to do it. I will try to take some photos along the way so you can see me make a complete roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and all the rest of the yummy stuff you have along side the beef.

I have a long step by stepper ahead of me here so I am gonna cut the chit chat for today. I want to get some advice on Vegas so I will do more of a chit chatty post early next week.

Okay let’s go!


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Crunchy Goat Cheese and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken

30 Jan

Good Morning Ya’ll!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous morning so far. It’s Wednesday! Which means two more days till the weekend.

Anyone else think it’s sad that I start counting down the days till the weekend as soon as my alarm goes off Monday morning?

Actually I’ve decided that I could probably skip the whole alarm thing, considering my cat wakes me up every morning before I have the chance to wake up on my own. Which leads me to a list:

5 things about my cat

1. He sleeps under the covers. The other night I yelled, “Chris stop it” to which Chris groggily turned around and said “what?” I realized he was two feet away from me and it was the cat that kept pushing me off the bed. We have a king size bed and somehow both of us end up clinging on for dear life, while the cat is comfortably occupying the entire middle area. Under the covers.

2. When he decides he has had enough slumber for the night (usually about 6 hours) he will freak out under the covers until one of us frees him. It’s always nice to be awoken at 5am by a cat that is using your body as a ladder to climb out of the bed. Super nice.

3. Every morning heĀ  awkwardly stumbles towards the door then proceed to scratch the CRAP out of the door until one of us lets him out. Also nice at 5am.

4. He plays with the dog. They chase each other around and sometimes the dog will put the cats whole head in his mouth. They have a weird relationship.

5. Geoffrey loves ALL food. He begs for anything you have, like the other day when he wanted my cupcake. As for his own food, he spits 90% of his dry food on the ground. He doesn’t even have the kind of food with the different shapes/flavors, they are all the same little nuggets, yet he only ingests approximately, every 9th piece. Which leads me to picking up soggy kibble off the floor, unless the dog gets there first.

So that’s Geoff for ya. He’s silly and cute and I love that he has so much character.

Okay lets move on from talking about furry friends and get on to a feathered friend.



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