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San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Practice Session

14 Feb

Good Morning everyone! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Valentines Day so far!!

Do you all have Valentines day plans?

Mr. Delish and I have plans for tomorrow night. It will be nice to go on a non-work night so we can enjoy a few glasses of wine (read: we forgot to make reservations ahead of time.)

In all seriousness though, it will be nice to not have to worry about going out on a weeknight. Especially because we all know my bedtime is 9:30.

Actually I found this website the other day that tells you what time you should go to sleep dependent on what time you have to/want to get up. We all know you’re supposed to get 8 hrs but this website actually tells you what time exactly to go to sleep, to make the most of your sleeping patterns. If you wake up in the middle of a REM pattern, you will likely be drowsy and groggy no matter how much sleep you got. However, if you get a full pattern in and then wake up, you will feel more refreshed, even if you don’t get your full 8 hours. If you wanna try for yourself, click here.

Psychology brought to you by Miss Delish.

Anyways, on to some food stuff.

I told you a few days ago about the Almost Famous Chef Competition being put on my San Pellegrino, and on Tuesday I had the opportunity to watch the two Vancouver contestants practice their dishes. I took a few photos and I wanted to share them with you today!



Matt Cusano of the International Culinary Arts School at the Arts Institute of Vancouver, prepping his ingredients


Matt slicing some spicy Chorizo


Matt Cusano’s finished plate, Miso Glazed Poached Halibut with Chorizo and Parsnip Puree, Garnished with Celery Leaves


We were lucky enough to get to sample a taste! It was very delicious.


Kevan Hafichuk of Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, peeling his BC spot prawns for his dish


Kevan rolling out the fresh handmade pasta for his oxtail tortellini


Kevan with his completed sample tray


Kevan Hafichuk’s finished plate, Oxtail Tortellini with Sustainable BC Spot Prawns Cooked in Kaffir Lime Butter Sauce with Roasted Cauliflower and Cauliflower Puree, Garnished with Baby Watercress. Can I just say YUM.


Lastly, Kevan and Matt scoping out the competition. They will be two of the seven contestants competing in the regional competition, which will be held in Toronto at the end of this month.

I want to say good luck to these aspiring chefs and I really think that both of you will do very well in the competition!

Thank you all for reading today and I will be back tomorrow with a yummy casserole recipe. Yes, casserole!

We’re going back in time tomorrow.

Miss Delish asks:

Which of these awesome dishes, do you think will be the winner?

Do you still make casserole? If so what kind?


S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition & Giveaway

4 Feb

Good morning everyone!

As I announced last week, I will be teaming up with the S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition to cover this years competition.

If you have never heard of the competition, it brings together aspiring chefs from all over North America, to compete for the chance to be named number one. Each student is nominated by his or her culinary school to compete in the regional competition being held in Toronto, and then the winner of the regional portion, will move on to the finals in Napa California.

This is really the opportunity of a lifetime for one of these culinarians!

We are lucky to have two students representing Vancouver:

Kevan Hafichuk in his first year at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts


Matt Cusano in his final year at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Vancouver

I will be hosting a Q + A with Kevan in next week or so, please check back for that!

Now for the really fun part, San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition has come out with a wonderful E-Book filled with recipes from this and previous, competitions. Get the E-Book for free here! All the recipes look great, I was definitely eyeing up some of those drinks too! You know me.

And best of all, they have given me the opportunity to do a giveaway for Dinner for Two at Cardero’s in Coal Harbour ($125 value)!

Cardero’s is an amazing restaurant in the most beautiful location, I know you all would love it. In case you don’t win, you should really try it out anyways!! Check it out here.

To enter:

Leave a comment telling me which recipe you would love to try from the E-Book! There are soo many good ones to choose from, just shout it out and you’re entered to win.

For bonus entries, you can do any of the following and leave me a comment to tell me you did it! Please leave a separate comment for each!!

– Subscribe to Miss Delish by email (top right side of the page)

– ‘Like’ Miss Delish on Facebook

– ‘Like’ Almost Famous Chef Competition on Facebook

– Follow Miss Delish on Twitter

– Follow Almost Famous Chef Competition on Twitter

– Follow Miss Delish on Pinterest

– Follow Almost Famous Chef Competition on Pinterest

Again, please remember to leave a separate comment for each so you get an entry for each!

Winner will be announced Monday, February 12th!!

**This Giveaway is sponsored by S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition and hosted by Miss Delish. Open to Canadian Residents Only (preferably BC since you will have to be around to go to the restaurant)**


Qui Bids Contest

16 Nov

Hey everyone,

I entered this little contest earlier this month, and my recipe was chose as one of the finalists! Whichever recipe gets the most votes will win and I really want to win this :)

My recipe is one that I posted here a while back: Crunchy Honey Chipotle Chicken Tacos

I would love it if you would all vote HERE

Thanks guys!


1 Oct

Hey Everyone,

I asked this on Facebook as well but I figured I would do a quick post for it as well.

Lyla has been entered into a contest for the Cutest dog! The grand prize is a floor renovation which we could really use! I would love it if you would vote for her…..


In case there are any problems, this is the photo I submitted:

you can search her name Lyla in the search field to find her via this link.

I may be biased but I think she is the cutest dog and she deserves to win!!

Thanks Guys! You’re the best :)

Recipe to Riches

13 Sep

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

I had a pretty great day yesterday because I woke up to find out that the news was finally out!

Yes, it’s true. I am going to be on Recipe to Riches Season 2!

Hey, that rhymed.


It was nice to finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief and I could stop keeping such a big secret. I wish I had a dollar for all those times that people asked me “how did that recipe to riches thing go?” or “Hey, are you going to be on that show?”

To which I would have to lie and say “no, I didn’t make it”

Sorry to everyone I had to lie to! But it was just a wee little white lie and now you all know the truth!

Since people have been asking, I’m just going to quickly go over my journey with Recipe to Riches up until today.

Back at the beginning of  September I saw an ad on Facebook for auditions in Vancouver and I applied just under the wire, I think it was the day before the applications actually closed. Then I got an email back that I was in and I had a set audition time. I was sooo excited. Until I found out my audition was at 8am downtown Vancouver the morning after my BFF Tascha’s big birthday bash.

Tascha was super sweet and she agreed to come with me for moral support and because Mr. Delish had to work and my parents were in Mexico. So I went home after work on Friday, made my recipe to take the next morning, and then went and partied my little heart out for Tascha’s birthday. Then I picked her up at about 6am, sorry again Tasch.

When we got to the auditions there was a lot of waiting, move to a room and wait, then move to another room and wait. All the waiting made me even more nervous. Luckily Mr. Delish is super cute and he sent me these photos to make me feel better:

He sent me good luck wishes from all the animals. Made me laugh and cry at the same time!

Meanwhile, Tascha was hanging out in family and friends waiting room, and she got her picture taken and now shes a big star on the Recipe to Riches twitter page!! They made a photo with her in it their Twitter background. If you wanna look she is the one with the long dark hair on the left, and shes mid clap! haha.

She hates it and I love it!!

Finally I got through the waiting process and I was in front of the judges! They loved my recipe and I got my Golden Ticket!!

“Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet!”


I was sooooo excited. See me?

Just joking, I was really excited.

And now it’s all happening! It’s pretty exciting!

Except I’m not excited for all of Canada to see my goofball self on TV.

Goofball or not, I need your support!

Set your PVR’s for Wednesday, October 17th at 8pm PST 9pm EST

You can take a look at the recipe I submitted for Butterscotch Chocolate Pot de Creme!

And follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get updates about the show!!

Remember if you’re instagramming or tweeting make sure you add #recipetoriches

Thank you all for your continued love and support!

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