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Summer/Beach Vacation Beauty Favorites

29 Aug

Hey Everyone!

Long time no see! Eeep.

I have been cray cray lately with things on the go at work. I just had little to no spare time, and the spare time I did have was spent in my Pj’s with Geoffrey, dreading the end of said spare time.


Anyways craziness over, and I didn’t even lose my mind.

Crisis averted.

Anyhoo, today I am going to be rambling on about my summer beauty favorites. These are the products I have been obsessing over this summer. I know, I know, summer is almost over, please don’t remind me. BUT these products would also be great for a beach/hot weather vacation, which hopefully some of you will be doing this fall and winter.


Face & Body Products:

First up we have Garnier Brusher Gel Cleanser – Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Garnier Cleansers Brusher Gel Cleanser - Face Care

This little guy makes my face feel so fresh and so clean! I had a little breakup with my Clarasonic and we’ve been on a break for the past few weeks. I know a lot of people said they got breakouts at the beginning for the first couple weeks, and I was told it was your face ‘purging’ the toxins and bad stuff. Unfortunately, my breakouts were just not clearing up. After a solid three months of trying to get past that purging stage, I just gave up. I’m just not sure it is right for my skin.

I ended up picking up this little guy from the store, and it has worked great. I feel like it gets my face really clean, and it doesn’t make me break out! win win.

You can grab one of these at your local drugstore for between $7-$8.

Next up, Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant


This moisturizer is just…ahhhhhh **angels singing**

It is SO hydrating, ridiculously easy to apply and on top of that, it smells fabulous. I love the smell of cocoa butter, and this moisturizer has that creamy sweet smell that lingers all day. This would be perfect to pack in your beach bag and spray on after you get out of the water. At home, its awesome for use when you get out of the shower, so it can absorb right into your skin. But where this product really shines, is those times throughout the day when your skin starts feeling dry. I have really dry skin and I hate applying moisturizer when my skin is already dry, its hard to rub into your skin and it just doesn’t absorb properly. Because this is a spray, its much easier to apply and absorbs instantly!

I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I have seen it at every drug store and even most grocery/department stores. I think it was around $3-$4

This one kind of goes with the last product, Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter

Again with the cocoa butter and again with the ahhhhhhh **angels singing**

This stuff is just so darn moisturizing. It lasts a long time and you really do notice your lips feeling softer and more moisturized after using it.

I also found this one at Shoppers Drug Mart but again, I’ve seen this almost everywhere recently. $2-$3

For facial moisturizer, I have been loving this Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Cream

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

This stuff is amazing. I know a lot of people, myself included, have problems with redness all year round. Especially in the summer with heat and sunscreen and sweat and all that lovely stuff, redness can really put a damper on your plans to go fresh faced at the beach. Worry no more, this cream is soo soothing and moisturizing and it really erases any red patches you may have on your skin. I doubted that it would make a noticeable difference, but I was willing to try it anyways, and now I’m a believer.

You can get this at Sephora, online at Clinique.com or at your nearest Clinique counter. $53


Makeup and the like:

Starting with what I would put on my face first, we have Benefits The Pore-fessional makeup primer.

I must say, this is my all time favorite primer. I never used to use a primer and then I got a mini one when I bought that Clinique cream I mentioned before. I used that one everyday and I really didn’t notice a difference, it felt like I was just putting extra moisturizer on before applying makeup. I had seen a few beauty blogs raving about this Benefit primer and I had to try it. I grabbed a tube at Sephora one day and haven’t looked back since! I notice a huge difference when I am wearing this under my makeup. Your pores really do appear smaller and the makeup just goes on smoother. I feel like this really fills in my pores, so that they don’t get clogged with makeup as the day goes on. I would recommend this to anyone!

Again, you can get this at Sephora or online at Benefitcosmetics.com $30

PS. did you know Sephora has a new Canadian website? www.sephora.ca and they ship to Canada for free on any order over $75.00. Or if you aren’t spending $75, they have flat rate $7.95 shipping, or $11 for express shipping. Fab deal compared to over $20 before! Also they teamed up with Borderfree so all the price you pay in the checkout includes all duties, taxes and brokerage, so you don’t get a shock when it arrives at your door.

Next up, in the makeup category, we have Revlon’s Colorstay Whipped Foundation

Revlon Colorstay Whipped™ Crème Makeup

Oh man, does this makeup mean business. It is super thick and you have to apply it with a stippling brush or your fingers to get an even coverage. It is a fairly full coverage makeup but what I like about it, is again, it stays put all day. With foundations in the past, even high end ones like Mac or Clinique, I would find that by the end of the day, it wouldn’t even look like I was wearing makeup. It would disappear into thin air. This foundation results in a super smooth finish and it will not go anywhere for at least 8 hours. the package says 12 hours even. You do need to use a transparent or setting powder after this as it isn’t a matte finish and if you have normal or slightly oily skin, it will need some powder to get rid of any shine.

You can grab this at any drugstore or most grocery/department stores. $10-$12

Another recent favorite of mine, are these awesome Maybelline Quads, called Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyes

Eye Studio® Color Plush™ Silk Eyeshadow

Wow that’s a long name.

The one in the photo above is my favorite one so far, it’s in the color Coral Crush. It has a light champagne color, as well as lime green, coral and a deep brownish burgundy. I used the champagne color in my inner tear duct and brow bone, then I used the green on the inner quarter of my eye, the coral on the outside three quarters and the brownish burgundy in the outer V.

It’s so bright and perfect for summer! All the pallets are very pigmented and have beautiful colors that match together.

You can find these quads at any drugstore or most grocery/department stores. $6-$8

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

I don’t even know what to say about these lipsticks. They are so creamy and luxurious, they don’t dry out your lips or crease and crack like other lipsticks do. They are just silky smooth and last all day. Another bonus, is they smell amazing! They have this sweet candy like smell that I love. I picked up a few of these a couple months ago and have been using them 24-7. So good.

I grabbed them in nude cream and fruit punch, you can see all the colors /18/”>here

They have these at my superstore now! Hopefully you can find them at yours too, or they are online at milani.com $5-6

Lastly for makeup, we have Urban Decay’s De Slick Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay - De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

Again, a product that really works. This little guy helps your makeup stay on all day. It is perfect for summertime or a beach vacation because it helps to keep your face matte and to hold your makeup on so it’s not melting off your face in the heat! Like many of you out there, I don’t have hours to spend touching up my makeup all day, so this spray is awesome for keeping your makeup looking fresh from morning to night. The directions say to spritz some on your face before and after makeup application. Typically I just use it afterwards and I think it works just fine.

You can pick this up at Sephora or online at Urbandecay.com $20



Now for the hurr.

I only have a couple hair products because I really don’t use much in my hair. I don’t like the feeling of ‘product’ in my hair, so I try to use as little as possible.

Again, in the order in which I would use these products, first we have Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask

This guy is SO moisturizing and it smells amazing. I have even been using this instead of conditioner. It is perfect for summer since salt water, chlorine and the sun can really damage your hair. I love using masks to make my hair feel extra soft and smooth. I used to have the Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask and honestly, I like this one better. Especially the price! At $74 for the Morrocan Oil one, it has to be damn good to be worth spending that kind of coin. I think this Loreal one is just as good and I picked it up for under $4 at superstore!

You can nab this at any drugstore and most grocery/department stores. $4

Next up, we got Matrix’s Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter

This stuff is awesome for giving a little extra volume in the roots, or all over your hair. You just spritz a little along your part and at the crown of your head, and then blowdry as usual. It really does make a difference and just gives you that little bit of extra oomph. Especially in the summer when your hair tends to fall faster because of the heat.

You can get this online at Matrix.com or at your local hair supply store. $18-$20

Next up, we have a blast from the past, Batiste Dry Shampoo

These things have been around forevs. They work well and give your hair and instant boost. Perfect for summertime or when you’re on vacation and you need to refresh your hair after a day at the beach. My mind was just blown because as I was finding a link for this, I saw that they now have different scented dry shampoos, as well as ones specifially for dark or light hair.

You can get these at any drug store. $8-$10

Lastly, in the hair department, we have Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

Elnett Satin Hairspray Colour Treated Hair

This stuff is also old school. I remember my grandma having this brand of hairspray and obviously it worked then and still does! If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

I mentioned before that I absolutely detest having sticky product in my hair and that is exactly why I like this hairspray. It feels soft and silky and it keeps your hair looking smooth and natural, not all crispy like. It also ‘disappears with the stroke of a brush’ which I love, at the end of a long night, the last thing I want to do is go to bed with hairspray in my hair. Have you ever done that before? You wake up with a fricken rats nest on top of your head. Not hot at all. With this stuff I can quickly run a brush through my hair and it’s gone.

You can get this at any drugstore or grocery store, or maybe your granny still has a bottle left from the 70’s…$8-$10

Okay guys, I’m done talking your ears off. Can you tell I am stoked about products? I want to start doing a monthly list of my current favorites. I am always trying new stuff and I know sometimes it sucks to buy things and not know if they will be good or not. Feel free to let me know if there is something you have been wanting to try and most likely I have already tried it. Or I would try it out for you!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I will be back tomorrow with a round up of recipes that you can try for the long weekend!!

Miss Delish asks:

What are some of your favorite beauty products for summer?

Is there a product you have been wanting to try?

Things I’m Loving

18 Jan

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day today! I thought it would be fun to stop in and do a little post about some things I’ve been loving lately! It’s a nice change from all the pasta and sandwiches I’ve been posting lately.

This post is 100% calorie free!

Today we have some beauty products, clothing, and food! I know, I just can’t not talk about food.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

Ready, let’s go!

(you can click on the images to go to the website for the product)

First Up, Beauty products:

Eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

I have been loving this balm for a while now, I have one in my purse at all times! It’s a great daily lip balm, doesn’t feel too oily or sticky, just smooth and moisturizing. I have tried all the different scents I can find and I have to say the Summer Fruit is still my favorite. The smell totally reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it!

Now as much as I love this lip balm for every day, I made a new discovery of an awesome super moisturizing lip balm that is perfect for winter…



Nivea Soothing Care Stick

This one is awesome if you have really chapped lips, especially at this time of year, this is needed! It doesn’t have a strong smell, and it goes on really nicely. This has been my go to balm for the past few weeks!

Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner in Hydrate

Pureology has been my friend for years! Recently due to trying to save money, I cut it out of my budget (it is quite expensive) and I have regretted it ever since! The formula is sulfate free so it won’t try and strip your hair. It’s just 100% natural, no chemicals. You can tell it’s good because you only need the teeniest amount. Your hair just feels amazing after using it for only a few days. Although it is pricier than most other shampoos on the market, it lasts for SO long (because you use so little), I think if you figured it out it would probably actually end up being less expensive in the long run.

I use the hydrate because my ends are quite dry but they have a whole bunch of different formulas depending on what your hair needs. You can take the quiz on their site if you want to find out which system is best for you.

Clarisonic Aria

Okay, so this is more of a want because I don’t actually have this. I have heard so many good things about the Clarisonic and I have friends that have them and I have been told that it totally changes your skin! I would love this for deep cleaning! Maybe I will have to hit Mr. Delish up for this as a Valentines Day Gift :)


Lu Lu Lemon No Limits Tank

I got this little baby for Christmas and I love it! It’s nice and long so it isn’t riding up when I’m working out (which is my biggest pet peeve.) At the same time it is non-restricting and you stay cool. I also suggest it if you like wearing workout tanks but your stomach is your problem area, its nice and loose in that area.


Bolthouse Farms Organic 100% Carrot Juice

I have been drinking a glass of this every morning. I started drinking it a few weeks back because my skin was acting crazy and I know that carrot juice is full of Vitamin A, which is great for your skin, and eyesight as my mom always says. Anyways I started drinking it for my skin but I have felt much more energetic since I started drinking this daily, so i think I will continue! You can buy this at most grocery stores, I get mine at Costco because they carry 3 packs of the big bottles for like $8!

Chobani 0%! ANY flavor.

I have loved this yogurt forever, it’s just an awesome product and it is unlike anything else available. Unfortunately for us Canadians, it isn’t available on the west coast at the time being. I know it is available in some stores in the Toronto area, so hopefully it will be here soon! My favorite flavors are Raspberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry and Peach. I am just waiting for the store I go to in Bellingham to carry the new Pear and Banana flavors! Non-fat, high in protein and delicious, how can you go wrong!

GT Synergy Kombucha in Cosmic Cranberry

I know I have talked about GT’s Kombucha before, but this one is a new flavor I fell in love with! By far my new favorite, you have to try it! This is another product that I get in the US, but I have noticed some health stores here beginning to carry it here in Canada. Hopefully it will be available everywhere soon!

and last thing….

Yogi Green Tea Kombucha

This is one tasty tea! I usually buy the Yogi Pure Green tea, which I love. My mom recently noticed this one at the store and bought it for me and it’s amazing! I finished off the whole box in about a week! It’s awesome AND you can now buy this at Superstore! Win!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this post and I would love to know….

What product or products are you loving lately?

Are you lovin’ any of the same products as me?

Wonders of Coconut Oil

23 Nov

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday so far!

I hope I’m not the only one that is sooo happy it is Friday. I almost didn’t make it, folks.

Okay, hot on the heels of my little post about sharing products I love, I decided today to post about one of my many loves, Coconut Oil!

This is a little different than a product pimp, because no one is giving me free coconut oil, I just buy this stuff all on my own. Like a lot of it.

I am not going to tell you all the proven scientific information about it, that is what wikipedia is for. I’m just going to tell you what I do with it and why I love it so much.

First of all, I buy my coconut oil from two different places and I will tell you why in a minute. I either buy it from Trader Joe’s or Voyageur Soap and Candle Company which JUST so happens to be like 2 mins away from my house! Luckily for you they ship within the US and Canada.

Okay, so one of the really cool things about coconut oil, is that it can be used in the kitchen as well as for health and beauty purposes! Which is why I buy it from two different places.

The Trader Joe’s stuff looks like this:

It’s really cute.

Now, let me tell you what I do with this stuff!


July Glymm Box

2 Aug

I am super tired. Yawwwnnn.

I went with some friends to see the Celebration of Light in Vancouver last night and stayed up way past my bedtime. The Celebration of Light is an annual festival where there are fireworks shows from different countries around the world, that happen every Wednesday and Saturday night for a few weeks. The one we went to last night was Brazil and it was amazing and so worth my sleepy state today.

I heard that on Saturday there were close to 350,000 people that lined the beaches to watch the show. I think there were probably a lot less than that this time,  being it was a Wednesday but, there were ALOT of people down there nonetheless. We had a cramped walk back to the skytrain and then a cramped, sticky and sweaty, standing skytrain ride all the way home. We got home somewhere around 1am and I was done for. My usual bedtime is around 10-10:30 so I passed out right away when we got into bed.

I awoke sometime around 3am to Geoffrey sticking his paw in my ear and then happily purring and kneading on my face, when he successfully woke me up. I batted him away for a while but he was being relentless so finally I had to kick him out of our room. He then spent the next 10 minutes running around the hallway outside our room and trying to stick his paws under the door. So I had to lock him in the bathroom with his litter and food.

Ugh. It was a sleepless night.

Also I don’t even want to THINK about what I would be like with a child. Considering I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon to lock your baby in the bathroom when they are interrupting your sleep.

Yeah, definitely frowned upon.

Anyways, GLYMM.

Who’s excited? I AM. I looovveee getting my Glymm box in the mail every month. AND I am happy to announce that I think that this months box was one of the best so far!

Let’s go!

We got a little orange bag this time so that makes my collection so far, pink, blue and orange. WEE.

The whole lot!


Okay first up we have a coupon for 25% off any nail polish! Wee. I’m a nail polish hoarder, my favorite brand at the moment is China Glaze but unfortunately Glymm doesn’t carry that brand. They do carry RGB, which I haven’t tried as well as Butter London, which is great but I am not sure it is worth the more expensive price.

Next up we have Dirt Purify & Glow Salt Scrub in Cucumber Fig (15ml) – Full Size $45.00 for 12 oz/350 ml

People were getting all up in arms about how small this was and saying it was half full. Okay, yes it may have been about 3/4 full, but it’s a sample, AND all the other items in the box were good sized samples. I wasn’t disappointed. It smelled yummy and I like to keep these kinds of things in a basket in the spare bathroom for people to try if they stay over. Call me Martha.

After that we have Mane Teeze Social Butterfly Hair Perfume – Full Size $34.00 for 50 ml

This is yummy! It smells really vanilla-y and sweet. I love the idea of a hair perfume and this is a pretty big sample, so it would be perfect to carry in your purse to freshen up your hair after a long day.

Next we got Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe Hair Mask (50ml) – Full size: 150 mL for $25.00

Yay, I love Joico’s K-Pak line! A few years ago I got my hair dyed platinum blonde, normally I am already pretty blonde, but this was like white blonde. After that my ends were pretty destroyed, so I was told to use the K-Pak shampoo and conditioner to repair my poor hair. I was doubtful that a shampoo and conditioner could actually work that type of magic, but it worked! It was amazing and I recommend it to anyone that has damage they want to repair. This product is a mask so it can be used a few times a month just to repair and maintain your tresses.

And last but not least and by far the most confusing item in the bag, was CyberDerm Duo H20 Hydration & PM Anti Age – Full Sizes $60 &$115 respectively for 50ml

This was, how can I say, confusing. First of all the package has ZERO instructions on what these are or how to use them. Second of all, the cream like substance is in plastic syringes….um wha?

I think this was just a cute way to package it but I think it confused a lot of people.

Either way these are anti aging and hydrating sunscreens and they smell a little weird but I will definitely give them a try.

All in all the box this month was awesome!

If you want to get one of these boxes of love every month, you can sign up here.

I hope everyone has a great day and evening and I will see you back here tomorrow for a restaurant review.

Ta ta!


Purses By -tascha Giveaway Winner Announced!

9 Jul

Happy Monday Ya’ll! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day so far!

Hopefully I`m about to make someones Monday a little better once I announce the winner of the Purses by -tascha Giveaway.

Well let`s get straight to it, shall we?

Drumroll please….the winner is Vanessa Valstar! Congrats Vanessa!

Please drop me an email with your mailing address to contactmissdelish@gmail.com and I will get this beautiful clutch sent off to you asap!

Thank you to everyone who entered! This week I have some fabulous posts for you so make sure you come back!

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