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30 Oct

You may have noticed that I have a new page up there at the top menu, titled “Sponsor Me.”

Now, I wish that the world was filled with sunshine and rainbows and that bloggers wouldn’t have to ask for sponsorship for their sites. However, that isn’t really the way that things work, sadly enough. Living in the real world, means that there are food costs, equipment costs, website costs ect. Those things all add up and that is not including my time either.

I love doing this and I wouldn’t stop for any reason, but the time has come to get sponsors for my site so that I can keep making Miss Delish better and better!

If you think we would be a good fit together, and you are looking to get a little more traffic to your site, I would love to introduce you to my wonderful readers. I’ve priced the ads very economically, with the most expensive ad being $30 for one month! That’s a dollar a day people!

Thanks everyone :)

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