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24 Apr

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday so far!

I am not going to do my regular chit chat thing today, I will just get right into it!

So a few weeks ago I came across this gourmet food subscription service when I was browsing the web. After looking into it a little further I realized that it was being run by a local gourmet food shop called Well Seasoned.  Along with their food shop, they also host cooking classes taught by local chefs. They always have lots of new events up and coming so if you’re in the lower mainland you should definitely check out their site for all the fun stuff they have in store!

Like I said, they recently started a gourmet food subscription box called “Missing Ingredient.” When I saw it I really wanted to share it with you guys and lucky for me, Angie over at Missing Ingredient was kind enough to send me a sample April box to try! I got it a week or so ago and I took some photos so I can show you all how it works.

Here we go!

The box is packaged really well, they put lots of shredded brown paper in the box to prevent anything from breaking or moving around.


Hmm….what’s going to be in the box!?


Ooohh Ahhh…


There’s a lot of stuff buried in there. I dug it all out and made it look pretty so you guys can see everything that was in there.


The first thing I noticed was that there was an Asian theme going on. The black cards in the box have all the info you need!


It comes with 4 different cards, first there’s the Meet the Maker Card which introduces you to the producer of one of the items in the box. The featured producer for April was Chef Ann Kirsebom who makes the tequila lime sauce you can see above. More on that in a minute!

Then there is a Chef’s Tip card that gives you some useful tips you can use in the kitchen.

Lastly, there are the Feature Recipe and Double up cards, which are awesome recipes you can make using some of the ingredients in the box!! Can you guess what this months recipes are? I’ll tell you once we go through the items.

First up, there are some Longkou Mung Bean Vermicelli Noodles…


These are great in stirfry or soup, they are very versatile. Plus they’re super quick to make, just put them in a bowl and top with boiling water and they cook up in just a few minutes!

Then we have Dan-D Pak rice paper wraps…


Are you getting an idea of where this is going?


Yuzo Pao Sriracha Sauce


Chef Ann Kirsebom’s Tequi-Lime Sauce! I have actually had this sauce before. I went to dinner at Mr. Delish’s aunts house and she made this delicious grilled salmon. I raved about how delicious it was and later she gave me a bottle of this and said that is what she used on the salmon. I was surprised because I would have thought a sauce like this would go better with some grilled chicken or steak, but it was delicious on salmon too. This is a very versatile marinade or grilling sauce. She even gave me some to take home and we poured that stuff on everything. Mr. Delish is a big fan of different sauces and spices so he was all over it.


Next up we have Blue elephant Kaffir Lime Thai Herbs and Spices. I was super excited when I saw this, just because if you’ve ever made green curry, it always calls for fresh kaffir lime leaves and they are difficult to find. I can usually get them at my local Asian grocer but if you don’t have one nearby it would be almost impossible to get your hands on them. This product would make it much easier for you to get the flavor of the kaffir lime leaves without having to try and find the fresh ones.


And last but not least My Chi Delights Ginger, Almond and Sesame Treats. Mmmm these sound yummy but I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet. These snacks are all natural, 4 grams of protein per serving, no preservatives, soy and dairy free and made with no GMO’s.

And that’s all folks!

So did you guys guess what the recipes were?

The first recipe was Salad Rolls! That was an easy one. You can use the vermicelli, rice paper wraps and Yuzo Pao sriracha sauce to make the salad roll recipe they provide! If you didn’t already know, I am a BIG fan of salad rolls, I have a recipe here if you are interested in trying it. They are so fresh and great for an appetizer for your next summer party or barbeque. They take a while to make (there’s a lot of chopping involved) but there is no cooking needed which is great for those hot summer days when you don’t want to heat up the house.

The second recipe was a Thai style soup called “Simply Soul Satisfying Soup” It uses the noodles, as well as the Kaffir Lime Leaves and the Yuzo Pao Sriracha sauce.

So you can make two great recipes with most of the ingredients already on hand!

In my opinion the Missing Ingredient box would make a great gift for that foodie friend or even someone that is just getting into cooking! The box comes packed with lots of great hard to find ingredients as well as awesome ideas on how to use them! You also have the option to order more of any of the ingredients that you liked.

Missing ingredient also recently came up with a Gluten Sensitive box if you or someone you know has a gluten allergy or aversion.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these boxes for yourself or as a gift, just head on over to the Missing Ingredient website to place your order! Angie is looking to get the word out to more local foodies so please spread the word, you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you again Angie for your generosity!

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