June Glymm Box

27 Jun

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far, luckily it is Wednesday and hump day! We’re halfway to the weekend!

I bet all the Canadian readers out there are getting excited because this weekend is our long weekend for Canada Day! Typically this weekend is known for fun summer parties, blender drinks and hot weather, but unfortunately for us Vancouverites it doesn’t look like that will be happening this year, well at least not the hot weather part.

I will definitely need the blender drinks to keep me from remembering how brutal the weather is.

Anyways enough whining! Let’s get to some beauty products.

The fun-ness of Glymm showed up the other day and as usual, it didn’t disappoint.

First of all it came in a pretty royal blue bag! Which is fun because I figured we’d  be getting pink bags every time. Luckily they’re switching it up!

They also stopped putting so many cards and flyers in the box, which is nice for the environment! From now on they will have the summary with the info for each part on their website instead.

The June haul

Awesome as usual.

First up, Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution $68 for 45ml

I’ve never used a skin oil before but I know friends who swear by their oils. A really popular one is Bio Oil and this seems like it is along the same lines!

Next up, LA FRESH Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes $9.99 for 18 individual packets

These are an amazing idea. If you’ve ever had a bottle of nail polish remover spill all over inside your bag, you will see how awesome these would be for travel.

Now we have Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream $115.00 for 50 ml

This cream is darn expensive for the full sized version, so I will make sure to savor this cream. It has a really light scent and says it is meant to soften the look of fine lines and diminishes redness and inflammation. It also says it can be used on your face or the back of your hands, I felt like that was a really specific spot….

I’m a big fan of perfume samples when we get them in glymm boxes because I feel like they come in the most handy. They are great to throw in your purse or gym bag to freshen up when needed. So obviously I loved the Salvador Dali It Is Dream which I cannot find on the Glymm site

This smells fabulous! It is girly but not too floral and I will definitely be using this over the summer!

Last but definitely not least, Harmony by Belvada Duo Lipstick in intense red $20.00

This was super fun and such a nice surprise.

If you press on one of the ends, the other end pops out like this

And then ta da, it’s a lip balm!

And then do the same on the other side, and it’s a bright red lipstick.

So this would be an awesome item to keep in your purse to go from day to night! I actually used this lipstick the other night and the color is gorgeous, it has pinky undertones so I think it is the right shade of red for my lighter skin!

As usual the Glymm box didn’t disappoint! If you’re looking to nab one for yourself, check out Glymm and pick one up for $12 a month!

Ta ta for now! See you tomorrow with a giveaway eeeeeee!!

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