Dinner Disaster

20 May

My boyfriend, you can call him Mr. Delish, and I moved into our place about a month ago and before that we lived with family, so we are still missing some of the things we need, especially kitchen supplies. I had originally thought we had pretty much everything we needed. I love to cook so naturally I am drawn to kitchen gadgets whenever I see them in stores, so I had definitely stocked up before we moved, but it became entirely evident that we were missing some things when we invited my Mr. Delish’s parents over for dinner the first time.
We had invited them over for dinner on Saturday night because we had the day off and then we would have lots of time to cook and get organized. We had planned to make an appetizer of caprese salad, gnocchi with a spicy tomato sauce for our entree (as well as a nice big green salad) and then butterscotch pie for dessert.
Early in the day we got a call from a friend of ours who had just recently had a baby and the day after she had the little boy, her husband had to go away on business for a few days. So she was on her own and needed us to drive her to the hospital for a checkup. A routine checkup that should have taken an hour, tops, ended up taking 4 hours. We got through the door at 4:30pm and our guests were supposed to be arriving at 6. We hadn’t started anything! I was having a major anxiety attack, how were we going to have a full, 3 course meal, on the way in an hour and a half?
We didn’t really have a choice but to get started and hope for the best. We whipped up the caprese salad really quickly so at least we would have something to feed them. Then I started on the pie crust so it could rest while I made everything else. Chris left to get some wine and I got started on the tomato sauce, after sauteing the onions and garlic I went to open the cans of tomatoes when I noticed that we didn’t have a can opener. By this point I was getting frustrated, if I waited longer my onions and garlic would burn and then I would have to start over again. I looked around and grabbed my pair of kitchen shears. I definitely took some of my frustration out on that poor can of tomatoes, but it got the job done.
After that, I had a series of incidents such as having no mixing bowls, burning the filling for the pie so I had to start over and once the gnocchi was made, dropping half of them on the floor. I swear I am not normally so accident prone, I am usually very calm and organized but I think with the lack of time I was definitely a little high strung. When Mr. Delish’s parents arrived, the kitchen was a disaster but everything was done. We had a delicious dinner and a few glasses of wine and everything worked out in the end.

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