Cerebellar Hypoplasia {kitty} plasia

15 Nov

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Thursday. Guess what? It is almost the weekend again and I haven’t done one freaking post this week!

Womp womp.

I am sorry about that, I really am. Things have still been kind of disorganized with moving and so on. Then to add to that, I caught another cold! Ugh. This is already my second one this season and I am not impressed. The only thing that is making me feel better is my constant intake of green tea and my Vicks Vaporub inhaler. Yes that’s right people, the inhaler. I’m THAT person.

Anyways, the whole point of this post is to talk about my cat. As many of you know, Mr. Delish and I got ourselves a kitten back in the spring. We took him home, named him Geoffrey and occasionally I post photos of how adorable he is. That’s pretty much all I have really told you.

The one thing I haven’t mentioned to you all, is that Geoffrey is a little bit different.

When we got him, we ended up adopting him from a farm about an hour away from where we live. There was a litter of kittens that needed homes and we were looking for a kitten, so it all worked out. When I went to pick him up the owner of the mother cat told me that the kitten I was getting was the runt, and that he was a bit smaller than the others. Never one to judge, especially with animals, I didn’t think anything of it. He was a little guy, but he looked perfectly healthy and he needed a home just as much as any of the other kittens. So I took him home.

When I got home and let him out of his kennel. He walked out onto the living room floor and he seemed really wobbly. I figured maybe it was because he was so small and he hadn’t completely grasped the concept of walking yet. Over the next few days we noticed that he was doing this weird thing with his paw, where it almost looked like he was trying to step over his head. He would lift his front leg up really high when he was walking, and it would catch on his ear. He would do this especially when he was nervous or excited. We thought this was really odd but again, we brushed it off as him still being a little uncoordinated.

When I went to take him to get his first checkup, we found out that little Geoffrey was even littler (it didn’t auto correct so I am going with this being a word) than we thought he was. Turns out he was only 6 weeks old, as opposed to the 8-9 weeks kittens are supposed to be before they are taken from their mother. I mentioned the weird foot thing to the vet, and he didn’t seem to think it was odd at all, especially because Geoff was still so young. The vet said it would most likely go away before we came back to get his first shots.

Unfortunately it didn’t. We also started noticing some other things that seemed odd. If he was going to get a drink of water, it was like he couldnt see where the water started, and he would plunge his nose right into the water at first, and it would take him a bit to get used to where the water started. Or if we gave him some treats on the ground, he would have a hard time finding them, they would be right in front of his face but he would have trouble seeing them. If you tried to play with a dangley toy, he would swat at it, but his paw would come no where near to catching the toy. We started wondering if maybe he was blind or partially blind, but there were still other things that didn’t add up.

For anyone that has a cat, you know that kittens are super adventurous, they love to try climb up on everything, especially high places. Usually, most people have a hard time keeping their cats off the counters or the table ect. For us, this wasn’t a problem at all. Geoff would never jump up on things, and if he did they were things that were within a foot or two of the ground. He woudn’t even try to get onto anything higher. And when he did jump onto things, he wouldnt just hop up like most cats, he would jump, grab on to the edge with his paws, and then use his upper body to pull his back end up. It was really strange!

So when we took him in to get his first shots, it happened to be a different vet than before, and I kind of tried to explain it to her, but she didn’t seem too concerned. Geoffrey would never do the weird foot thing, or anything else for that matter, when we were at the vet, so they couldn’t see it for themselves. The vet did listen to what I had to say but she kind of dismissed it as being just kitten behavior, again.

Finally, this morning was Geoff’s D Day for his neutering surgery (poor guy!) so when I took him in, a very nice vet explained to procedure to me as she was checking his heart beat. While she was trying to listen to his heart, the little guy kept moving all around and finally he walked right off the side of the table. The vet felt horrible and I think she was honestly a little confused at what happened. I told her that he was very uncoordinated and she seemed intrigued. She put Geoff down on the ground and he started walking around, and after a minute he did his foot thing. Lifted his front paw right over his head. The vet watched him for a couple minutes, and finally she said “YEP. He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia.”

I was almost shocked that someone finally knew what it was. She explained that it happens when the mother cat has some type of virus when she is pregnant with the kittens. This virus can cause the growing kittens to have developmental problems in the area of the brain that controls coordination. It usually results in shaky walking, problems with depth perception and just overall problems with coordination.

It finally makes sense! She also explained that it wouldn’t get worse or better over time, usually the cat will just adapt to it as it gets older. We will just have to take it into consideration as we are taking care of him, since he will not be able to jump up onto things as easily or safely jump down if he gets placed in a high spot.

Anyways, that is that! I just wanted to write a little long post explaining what was going on, and hopefully if there is someone else out there that has a kitty going through the same thing, this may help you to know what is going on!

Oh, and I decided I’m going to call it  “Kittyplasia” since I am incapable or remembering or pronouncing the real name.

I’ll leave you with a recent photo of Geoff:

Glamour shot!

Bye for now :)

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3 Responses to “Cerebellar Hypoplasia {kitty} plasia”

  1. germaine November 15, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    Geoff is just gorgeous, even with his disability! Our cats are 6 and 9 years old, and they never jumped onto things other than the bed or couch or chair. The female loves to barf every couple of days, on the bed, in my hubby’s shoe!!! )the diva male, Simba has just recently taken to peing on the bath mat or if it is missing, he’ll just pee right on the floor in the bathroom (that we just did a nice reno in) We also have a 14/15 yr old doggie, Kramer, who has just been shaved for the first time in his life. And we found a tennis-ball sized tumor (non problematic) at this shave.
    good luck with all our animals, I just cannot live without them.

    • missdelish November 15, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

      Aw Thanks Germaine! I think we love him even more because of it, makes him special.

      I totally agree, although there are always inconveniences to having pets in your life, I couldn’t live without them! :)

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