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Vegas Vacation

13 May

“Holy crap, Wayne Newton’s hitting on Mom!”

Name that movie.

Yes, as I mentioned the other day, I’m heading to Las Vegas this week for my Mom’s 50th Birthday. My Mom and her high school friends always wanted to go on a trip together and my Mom has never been to Vegas so about a year ago I started planning the trip.

What better way to spend your 50th Birthday, right?

I am really excited to be able to go as well. Mr. Delish and I have wanted to go to Vegas for a long time, but we really aren’t gamblers so we kind of put it on the back burner. Now that the trip is planned, I am really excited to go down there and have the whole Vegas experience.

That’s right folks, we’ve never been to Las Vegas.

We decided to stay at Treasure Island, mostly just because of it’s central location. It’s close to the big fun mall, as well as some of the other main Casinos like Mirage and Caesar’s Palace.

We don’t have a whole lot planned but we did plan one dinner with everyone, and we took a recommendation from a friend of ours to try Roy’s Hawaiian. We chose Roy’s because it isn’t too fancy and the food sounds really fun and different. Everyone loves seafood as well so it’s perfect.


Then some of the ladies are going to one of the Shania Twain concerts over at Caesar’s Palace.


And Mr. Delish and I are going to go party at one of the Rehab Pool Parties at the Hard Rock Hotel.


Some things I am really excited for:

  • Sun
  • Exploring
  • Dining out
  • Hanging out with good company
  • Shopping
  • Blender drinks
  • Drinks in general

I will be back next week with photos and highlights, but first, I want your advice:

Miss Delish asks:

Have you been to Vegas before? Tell me all about it!

What are some of the Vegas must do’s? Activities, shopping, restaurants, sightseeing ect?

Missing Ingredient {Monthly Subscription Box}

24 Apr

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday so far!

I am not going to do my regular chit chat thing today, I will just get right into it!

So a few weeks ago I came across this gourmet food subscription service when I was browsing the web. After looking into it a little further I realized that it was being run by a local gourmet food shop called Well Seasoned.  Along with their food shop, they also host cooking classes taught by local chefs. They always have lots of new events up and coming so if you’re in the lower mainland you should definitely check out their site for all the fun stuff they have in store!

Like I said, they recently started a gourmet food subscription box called “Missing Ingredient.” When I saw it I really wanted to share it with you guys and lucky for me, Angie over at Missing Ingredient was kind enough to send me a sample April box to try! I got it a week or so ago and I took some photos so I can show you all how it works.

Here we go!

The box is packaged really well, they put lots of shredded brown paper in the box to prevent anything from breaking or moving around.


Hmm….what’s going to be in the box!?

find out what’s in the box!

Weekend in Photos

19 Apr

Good Morning Lovelies!

I hope your Friday is off to a wonderful beginning. I promised yesterday that I would show you some photos from my little mini trip last weekend. I went with two friends to a cabin on the Sunshine Coast. The cabin was on a small island only accessible by water taxi and so it was an adventure getting there and back. I had SO much fun and hope to go back soon!!

photo 1

click to view the rest of the post

San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition Results

28 Feb

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday so far. Only one day left till the weekend!

I wanted to stop in real quick and give you guys an update on what happened at the S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Regional competition in Toronto this past week. As you all know I got to interview Kevan Hafichuk who was one of our Vancouver representatives in the competition.

Especially after getting to talk to Kevan as well as taste his dish, I was really rooting for him and I know you all were too. So I was on twitter all Monday morning checking to see what was happening with the competition.

Finally I got the update that the winner was:

Jean-Christophe Comtois from École hôtelière de la Capitale (Québec City), who prepared Milk Veal tenderloin, Matsutake and “Tomme des Joyeux Fromagers” flavored polenta as his signature dish.

Here is a photo of his beautiful dish:

Jean Christophe Comtois Ecole hoteliere de la capitale

They also had a “Peoples Choice Winner”:

Kellie Callender from Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island (Nanaimo), who prepared Slow Sockeye Salmon – Sockeye salmon confit, Sunchoke puree, crab stuffed leek, beet quinoa salad, sunchoke chips, crispy leeks and salmon skin as his signature dish.

Here is the photo of Kellie’s Dish:

Kellie Callender Vancouver Is University

The runners up and their dishes (in no particular order) are as follows:

Alexandre Latendresse, Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (Montréal)

Piglet loin and scallop sautéed, accompanied with a “cidre de glace” sauce and served with pickled vegetables and cauliflower pure.

Here is the photo of Alexandre’s dish:

Alexandre Latendresse ITHQ

Matt Cusano, The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Vancouver, prepared A Taste of BC – Poached BC Halibut with Dungeness crab Gnocchi, chanterelles, local Kushi Oysters, and chorizo emulsion.

Here is the photo of Matt’s dish:

Matt Cusano AI Vancouver

Janine Hall, The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College (Niagara-on-the Lake), prepared Oh Deer – This dish features fresh terroir from my home country pared with some of the flavours from my cultural heritage.

Here is the photo of Janine’s dish:

Janine Hall Niagara College

Timothy van Ryzewyk, Humber College (Toronto), prepared a

Seared Scallop with Pork Tenderloin (appetizer).

Here is the photo of Timothy’s dish:

Timothy van Ryzewyk Humber College

And last but not least,

Kevan Hafichuk, Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (Vancouver), prepared

Poached Spot Prawn on an Oxtail Lemongrass Tortellini with Cauliflower Purée & Baby Peas.

Here is Kevan’s final product:

Kevan Hafichuk Pacific Inst of Culinary Arts

So too bad that our Kevan wasn’t the winner but I heard he did great and represented Vancouver and his school very well! I’m sure that there are going to be wonderful opportunities for him in the near future!

Also, I want to wish Jean-Christophe, all the best of luck in the final competition in Napa California!

**Photo Credit goes to Cliff Spicer of Cliff Spicer Photography**

Thanks for reading guys, I will be back tomorrow with a confession update!

Miss Delish asks:

Which dish sounds/looks the best to you?

If you were to compete in a similar competition, what dish would you make to wow the judges?

Romantic Valentines Dinner {Cielo’s} White Rock

20 Feb

Good morning lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far.

Me? Meh. Things are kinda boring so far, definitely looking forward to the weekend. I know, I know it’s only Wednesday.

I’m doomed.

My last weekend was so busy that I actually needed to come back to work to get a bit of a break!

Friday night Mr. Delish and I went to dinner for Valentines day (which I will tell you about in a minute.)

Then Saturday, I went shopping with Tascha at Metrotown, which was kind of a nightmare. We were there for upwards of 4 hours and barely bought anything. In the end our feet were so sore from walking around all day, we barely made it to the car.

Later that night we went out with some friends for Tascha’s birthday.

Then finally, Sunday I woke up early to make Chocolate Pots for a family dinner and then we finished off the weekend with the Canucks/Blues game.


Anyways back to Friday night. As I mentioned, we had reservations at Cielo’s for Valentines day. I was super stoked because I love that place and it’s just one of those restaurants I always forget about when planning dinner out.

I did however, plan out my outfit, as I always do! I wore a gold sequined high waisted skirt, with a white tee and black blazer. I paired that with some black suede wedges. It was a super cute outfit, unfortunately, the skirt and shoe combo made it impossible for me to walk properly. The skirt cut my typical leg range of motion in half. So I kind of had to shuffle, then the shoes are really high and tippy, so they made things even more interesting. The walk from our car took double the time. Mr. Delish kept looking over and saying “are you okay?”

Like “ya, I’m fine just traipsing around on these cobblestones, TOTALLY fine”

THEN when we finally got into the restaurant, I realized that the tables are all bar height, and so were the chairs!

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn….

I tried to be as graceful as possible when I got up on the seat but I’m sure I looked like a hot mess.

I’m never wearing that skirt/shoe combo again.

I didn’t take any pictures because it was VERY dark in the restaurant and they would have turned out horribly. However, I did want to do a restaurant review, so I will just quickly reiterate what we had.

So basically it is a tapas bar, so they have lots of small plates. Now, one thing you have to know about Cielo’s is the plates are not typical tapas size, most of them are ginormous. We ordered 4 dishes to share but we definitely could have gotten away with 3.

We started out with the bruschetta:

“gorgonzola basted, pesto rub, house dried roma tomato drizzle, balsamic reduction”

In a word, amazing! This is definitely the must order dish on their menu. They do a blend of cream cheese, goat cheese and gorgonzola and they definitely don’t skimp on the cheese! Then it has the pesto, tomato and balsamic all over it. And like everything else, the portion is big, you get like half a baguette! Yum.

Then we had the Marinated Tiger Prawns:

“fragrant mix of lemon, fresh herbs and spices.”

These were really good. They are served cold and marinated in lemon, oil and herbs and spices like the description says. To be honest, I am not sure if I would order them again just because there are better things on the menu.

Next we had the Haida Indian Candy Salmon:

“brown sugar cured and pepper bathed, served atop frizzled onions, red pepper jelly dipping sauce.”

Mr. Delish LOVES smoked salmon, and if you haven’t had candied salmon, it is amazing. If you like the whole sweet and salty combo, it’s definitely something you would enjoy. They also stack them up like lincoln logs, just what I like in my meal :)

Lastly, we had a pot of their famous mussels, we ordered the curry style ones:

“sweet curry, garam masala, white wine sauce.”

They also have a white wine and herb style as well as Cajun chorizo style. We loved the ones we got. The curry really stood up to the bold taste of the mussels. I would say this was my favorite dish of the night. I liked it even more than the bruschetta!

We finished our dinner with their delicious Creme Brulee Boat. Yum!

All in all, it was a fabulous dinner as usual, Cielo’s has a wonderful atmosphere, it’s so nice and cozy! The service was excellent and we will be back again!

If you live in the lower mainland or are planning to travel here soon, you should really check this place out. The menu can be found here.

Thanks for reading guys, talk to you soon!

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