Boozy Iced Coffee

29 Jul

It’s Friday!

You know what? Rebecca Black ruined that for me. Every time I hear someone say “It’s Friday!!” her song starts playing in my head.

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend.”

Fortunately, Friday is the perfect day for cold, boozy, beverage. So here it is. Boozy iced coffee. I’m sure there are tons of variations of this out there, this is just a guideline. Add more or coffee, milk or booze. As far as the booze goes, I would err on the side of more.

You could also switch up the liqueurs you use. I stuck with my good friend Bailey’s Irish Cream and also Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. You could also use Frangelico, Amaretto or that Godiva chocolate liqueur! (kicking myself for not doing that myself!)

Ok I’m out for the weekend, I’ll see you all on Monday with a kick a$$ pizza recipe!

“partyin’, partyin’, YEAH!”

Boozy Iced Coffee: 

Makes 1 Large Coffee

2 oz Baileys
1 oz Kahlua 
1/2 cup Strong Brewed Coffee (cold) 
1/2 Cup Milk
3 tbsp Chocolate Syrup
1/2 cup Ice
In a glass or 500 ml Canning Jar pour in the chocolate syrup and rotate the glass around so the chocolate comes up the side of the glass a bit. Add half of the ice to the glass. Shake the Baileys, Kahlua, Coffee and Milk with the rest of the ice in a martini shaker. Pour over ice in glass and serve.

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