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Barbequed Steelhead Trout Two Ways

26 Jun

Good afternoon to all you lovely people!

I hope you are all having a great day so far. I am counting down the days to the long weekend! Only two more days of work till 3 days off, then 4 work days after that and I am going to Vancouver island for 9 days!

Woop woop.

Can you tell I’m excited?

I’m going to tell you a little about this fish:


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Sad Dog Diary

19 Jun


“You haven’t  petted me in  at least 13 seconds now, and yes I am counting. I will surely die of lack of human touch”


“so far, I have only been on two walks today and played fetch for 45 minutes, this must be what Sarah McLachlan is singing about in those SPCA commercials”


“you didn’t add any cheese to my scrambled eggs this morning, what fresh hell is this?”


“I wanted my ears rubbed, not a chin scratch… sigggghhhhh”


“it’s so bright in here, can’t someone close those curtains? Then later when I need to see outside (to bark at the neighbors cat) I will just violently tangle myself in them until they open again”


“Great, now the cat is taunting me again…”


“who, me? I couldn’t see myself doing anything like that…um….puurrrrrrr…”

“PS. look how cute I am with my paws crossed”


“what a sad excuse for a dog.”


I found this series of photos on my camera and I immediately thought of this video! It’s funny because its true.


Have a lovely evening everybody!

Garlicky Green Beans

13 Jun

Hey boo’s!

I hope you are all having an awesome Thursday so far! This week is just flying by for me.

I haven’t posted in 13 days! Woops.

I was irritated busy with filming, editing and posting that YouTube Video.

My, oh my. Videos are A LOT more work than I thought they were. I also had a few technical difficulties as well as  just general inept-ness when it comes to editing videos. My biggest problem was MUSIC. You obviously can’t just go and post someones song in your video without permission, the copyright laws will get all up in your business and shut you down. So in an attempt to avoid that I was looking at some royalty free music that I could use without getting punished to the full extent of the law. Unfortunately, most of the music that I could find sounded somewhat like those little pre-recorded tracks that came loaded on the keyboard I had when I was ten.

Mamba anyone?

I would have been better off with the dog barking or maybe some helicopter sounds, cause that stuff was just plain CHEESY.

Anyways, my frustration with the music thing ended with me posting the video with no background music. Which was lame, BUT I have a solution to my problem (well one of my many problems) and I will share that with you once I get it finished.

So that is my long winded excuse explanation for why that darn video took so long for me to finish. I promise next time I will do better. Also I will not post when I am filming, rendering, uploading ect. THEN that way you guys will have no idea how long I’m taking.

Muahahaha, my master plan is coming together nicely!

I think I MAY have had a little too much coffee this morning.

Since I am starting to ramble, I think it is time to get into this SUPER easy non-recipe.


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