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Crispy Sticky Asian Chicken {step by step}

10 May

Good Morning lovelies!

A big “Happy Friday” goes out to you all! And a very Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mama’s out there

What do you have planned for the weekend!? I hope all the Mommies out there are being pampered and get to relax for once.

I am going to be making dinner for my Mama and the family and the rest of the time I think I will just relax and enjoy some time with my Mom. She has asked for a roast beef dinner with all the fixings because she doesn’t like making that herself. Ha! Well fair enough, its her one day to choose and I am happy to do it. I will try to take some photos along the way so you can see me make a complete roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and all the rest of the yummy stuff you have along side the beef.

I have a long step by stepper ahead of me here so I am gonna cut the chit chat for today. I want to get some advice on Vegas so I will do more of a chit chatty post early next week.

Okay let’s go!


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Mini Lemon Sugar Donuts

8 May

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!

I really hope it is nice and sunny wherever you are! It has been pretty nice in Vancouver the last few days. We had a gorgeous weekend and it has been pretty hot and sunny since then.

What have you all been up to lately?

I haven’t been doing much cooking lately which is obvious due to my pathetic amount of posting the last couple weeks! I have been a little preoccupied because we have a trip to Vegas coming up next week. It’s for my Momma’s 50th birthday and a bunch of her friends from high school are coming as well. I have pretty much been planning the whole thing, which I love. I love being organized and having copious amounts of lists. I am also the queen of excel spreadsheets, love ’em.

I am only slightly embarrassed to say that I researched which places near our hotel have good happy hours and have the info recorded in my phone.

The other reason I have been preoccupied is that we got invited to see a friend DJ at one of the Rehab Pool Parties while we’re in Vegas. I’m really excited to go but that also means I have to wear a bikini which is kind of scary. Let’s just say this whole food blogger gig has taken a toll on the old bod.

I am usually fairly active, I eat healthy for the most part and I try to hit the gym as often as possible, but I decided to amp it up a notch and I started doing Insanity.

I know, I’m crazy.

Trust me, I am reminded of that fact every time Shaun T, tells me to “dig deeper.” Although it is a super crazy workout and I am sweating like crazy after, I have been having lots of fun with it and found myself sticking with it more than any other workout I tried.

So in a nutshell, that is why I have been kind of MIA.

So now onto a better topic, donuts!


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Old Fashioned Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donuts

1 May

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday so far.

I have been MIA for a week or so! No particular excuse just life has been busy and I haven’t been cooking much unfortunately.


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