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Homemade Manwiches {Step by Step}

18 Mar

Good Morning lovelies!

Sorry this post is coming a day late, I mentioned on Facebook last week that I was getting ready to post it but I ended up having a super busy day and never got the time to do it. I try to post in the morning rather than later on as it seems more people are online during the day.

You sneaky people facebooking at work.

I also noticed I was starting to feel a little sick and then by the next day I had a full blown chest cold, not fun. I spent a good couple days in bed and then came back to work like a zombie for Thursday and Friday. I’m still not feeling 100% even after a weekend of rest! A solid diet of green tea will be happening today and then I am looking forward to getting home and resting later today.

You may have noticed that last week I asked you all what I should make for a “Man Meal. You were all so great and had so many wonderful ideas! I noticed that the trend was beef, mostly in the form of ground beef. One of the responses I got was for Manwiches!

At first I was like, manwich? Is that like a sloppy joe? To which I was told, yes.

I thought right away that was the perfect idea for a Man Meal! Sloppy, saucy, messy, spicy, sweet and most importantly, BEEF.



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